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Trade Shows 2023

In 2023 Trimos participates to many international trade shows. Please see the schedule of upcoming events below.
Our trade shows are organized by (or with) our local Agencies. Our team of specialists will be pleased to present you our instruments, answer your questions and discuss your projects to find the right solution for you!

March April May
07 - 09.02.2023
07 - 10.03.2023
13 - 14.04.2023
 Business meeting
03 - 05.03.2023
Hi Tech & Industry
06 - 09.06.2023
07 - 09.02.2023
28 - 31.03.2023
Control Stom
Czech R.
18 - 19.04.2023
09 -.12.02.2023
20 - 23.06.2023
Matef Fuan
09 - 11.02.2023
Fornitore Offresi
29 - 31.03.2023
18 - 21.04.2023
industrijski sejem
16 - 18.05.2023

22 - 24.02.2023
29 - 31.03.2023
19 - 21.04.2023
De Nederlandse
Ipar Napjai

29 - 31.03.2023
Dreh- und
 25 - 28.04.2023
16 - 18.05.2023
Sajam Tehnike

16 - 19.05.2023
16 - 19.05.2023
      Czech R.
23 - 26.05.2023
24 - 27.05.2023
Fastener Fair
30.05 - 02.06.2023
Mach Tool


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Black Friday 2022

21-25 November - The Best Deals this year!
Extremely easy to use instruments for the workshop on sale
Height gauges, Measuring arms and Measuring benches.
Instruments on sale can be delivered before the end of the year.
Ask your promotion code at your Local Distributor.

Black Friday Trimos 2022


Control 2022

Visit us at the Control Show in Stuttgart from May 3.- 6. 2022. Stop by our stand Hall 7/7302 and ask for a demonstration on Trimos instruments.
𝐆𝐞𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐞 𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥 𝐍𝐎𝐖 : contact(at)

Control 2022

A-line measuring arm application-4

Trimos A5 arm at Pannon University

Another nice presentation for students at Pannon University in Hungary. Our agent, Solman Hungary gives lessons with the A5 measuring arm on a racing car.

c4 at Pannon
Trimos CMM C4

The smallest CMM CNC in the world

The smallest CMM CNC in the world with only 13.5 kg. Ideal for quality control, inspection or verification, just take it to your part to be measured and get your measurements done quickly with great flexibility.

Measuring Arm A-Line

Measuring Arm A5 at use in Hungary

Thanks to our Hungarian agent, Solman and to their customer for this nice video with the Trimos A5 Measuring Arm.

Expo Trimos

CIMT Exhibition

The new CMM C-Line, but also our 1D and 2D height-gauges and the Labconcept Nano were presented in China during the CIMT exhibition. A warm thank you to our agent Dantsin for this nice exhibition. We were impressed looking at this amazing booth!


Measuring Arm A3

Our customer needs the smallest measuring Arm on the market. The 6-axis Trimos A3 Arm meets all the criteria: small, extremely easy use, accurate 3D measurement for the quality control, inspection and verification of small and large size parts.
A3 application 

Trimos CMM C4


The portable C4 CMM was presented at the ITES exhibition in Shenzhen. Thank you to our agent Dantsin for this successful exhibition and for their motivation.

Height gauge V9 Trimos

2D measurements

2D measurements are child's play with Trimos height gauges. The graphical user interface allows you to measure distances, angles, alignments, PCDs etc. in a very intuitive way.
Thanks to the 8" display, the measured part can be visualised in large size.
2D measurement

Height gauge V9 Trimos

OEM Trimos V2

We are proud of the OEM realized on the Trimos V2 height gauge with our agent Bowers. Thanks to Bowers for this nice presentation.

Solman HU

Showroom Solman

Thank you to SOLMAN, for these nice images of his showroom!
Solman Showroom

Logo Metalex

METALEX exhibition 2019

A warm thank you to our Thai agent Max Value Technology for exhibiting our instruments at the METALEX exhibition. We were impressed looking at this amazing booth !


MECH Nagoya Japan

We are glad to present for the first time our new product, the TR Scan Compact Z in Asia at the MECH Nagoya Japan exhibition. You are welcome at our agent’s booths, ISSOKU for a demonstration.

Logo TSM

SIANE Toulouse

The SIANE exhibition in Toulouse is right now. It is the perfect place to visit our agent, TSM France and discuss about Trimos instruments. Take the opportunity and stop by Trimos-Sylvac Metrology’s booth 6X38!




Thank you for our agent, MCC Maroc for this nice exhibition and for their motiviation!



Trimos Training

If you also need a demonstration or training on our Measurement Bench, do not hesitate to contact us!

Trimos training


Measuring arm with scanners

Different Laser Scanners can be combined with our 7 axes measuring arms for a complex profile contour scanning. Ask for a demo and discover our high accuracy scanner solutions for different surfaces.
Arm with scanner



Meet us at the WESTEC exhibition at the Long Beach Convention Center until the 26 September. Our agent, Fowler is there, to show you our instruments. See you at the booth n°1835.


EMO Hannover

Meet us at the EMO Exhibition in Hannover this week. Stop by our booth - Hall 6, Stand F01, we will be pleased to show you our products!


Production Analysis Conference

We will be present at the 8th International Conference on Production Analysis organised by SwissMEM and NTB on the 5th of September. We look forward meeting you at our booth at NTB Campus Busch
Find the program and more information here.


KmK Seminar 2019

A very successful seminar was organized in Sweden by our agent KmK. It was a great opportunity to present our insturments, to make customized demonstrations and to discuss applicatios or projects of the participants. Thanks to KmK for organizing the event and for their enthusiasm.  

Seminaire Trimos Asia

Asia Seminar 2019

The edition 2019 of our annual Trimos-Sylvac Seminar in Thailand had one again a great success.

Thank you for all for this wonderful event.

Seminar Trimos-Sylvac Asia


Studenroth - company vehicles

Our agent Stundroth has a wonderful design on their company vehicles ! 


Solman HU

Accreditation - Solman Hungary

Congratulations to our Hungarian agent Solman Hungary LTD. for the accreditation of their calibration laboratory by the National Accreditation Authority. They now have accreditation for calibration of height gauges, measuring arms,3D coordinate measurements and more !



Welcome to our newest agent : Andes Meettechniek BV

They are a small family owned company from the Netherlands that offer high-end metrology equipments for dimensional inspections, calibrations and inclinations measurements.


Metalex - Bangkok

Maxvalue is currently exposing our products in Bangkok, Thailand at the Metalex expo.

 Microtech in Ukraine

International Industrial Forum - Kiev

Meet our agent Microtech in Ukraine and discover our Labconcept Premium at the XVII International Industrial Forum 2018 in Kiev

Training Arm A-line

Training Maxvalue

Our Thai agent MaxValue learning to use the measuring arms !

Training A-line


Trades Day

Do you remember what career you dreamed of when you were a kid? Last week, at Trades Day, 5 young students came to our company to discover our activities and jobs. It was a real success.

journee des metiers

Training Arm A-line

Measuring Arm A-Line

Our newest line of products, the measuring arms in action !



JIMTOF 2018 - Tokyo

We have a great exhibition this week in Tokyo organized by our agent, Issoku. Issoku's team, experts in metrology are present and pleased to show you Trimos instruments until the 6th of November. We thanks their investment!


Skills Olympic Korea

Korean Skills Olympic 2018

Every years the "Korean Skills Olympic" is happening in Korea in technical high-schools. We are proud that Korean students who specialize in Metrology are developping and competing their skills using our instruments. This year, the top 3 schools were all using Trimos instruments ! A big thanks to our Agent MeasureM for their participation and investment and congratulation to these amazing students !



KIMEX 2018 - South Korea

Discover some pictures of the KIMEX Expo in South Korea. We thank you our agent MeasureM for their participation and investment!



Elec 2018 - Morocco

Meet our agent MCC at the Elec expo in Morocco!

Elec Casablanca


SIANE 2018 - France

Our agent Trimos Sylvac France is currently at the SIANE Exhibition in Toulouse, France. - Hall 6 Stand 6Z38_01


Choosing the right height-gauge has never been easier than on our newest website,

height hauge-com


2D Measurement - Height Gauge V7 & V9

Discover expended measuring posibilities and high comfort level using our 2D height-gauges.



After Sales Training 2018

Our Agents enjoying their time after a hard day of After-Sales training !

After Sales training

Escort Application Height Gages

Protecion of height gauges from monkeys

Escortsgroup in India needs to protect their Height-Gauges … from the monkeys running around !



China International Bearing Industry Exhibition

Meet our agent Dantsin at the China International Bearing Industry Exhibition in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center at  Both G211.


Trimos laboratory and demo room in China

We're proud to announce the opening of Trimos brand new laboratory and demo room in Beijing, China at the headquarters of Dantsin ! 


IMTS Exhibition in Chicago

IMTS International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world. From 10th to 15th September 2018 you can meet there our agent Fowlers and ask for a demonstration on Trimos instruments



DANTSIN, our agent in China is currently at CIMES 2018 trade show in Beijing. They are looking forward to meet you and present you Trimos products until the 30th of June! 


Automotive Manufacturing 2018

The Automotive Manufacturing 2018 exhibition in Thailand is starting today! Our agent, Maxvalue is looking forward to meet you at stand 0H41!  

Maxvalue show


B2Run 2018

Congratulations to our team for their participation in the B2Run running race!


Kofas 2018

Kofas 2018

Our agent 'MeasureM' attended the 2018 KOFAS in Changwon. (May 15th 2018 ~ May 18th 2018).

We thank their investment and professionalism, they took full advantage of the event and of the many interested visitors on the Trimos-MeasureM stand.

Discover the first website dedicated to height gauges!
You will find a lot of information about height gauges and their applications.
A selector will help you find the product that best suits your needs.



This year again we had a great exhibition at Control in Stuttgart. Several of our measuring columns, the new measuring arm, the TR Scan and horizontal measuring instruments were exposed and presented for many visitors.

We thank our local agent, Studenroth for the organization and for their investment! 

Mach 2018

MACH 2018

MACH is the UK's premier manufacturing technologies event. This year again, our agent, Bowers Group exhibited our instruments and had a real success. We thanks all Bowers team for their presentastions and demonstrations in Birmingham.



MeasureM Trimos’s sole agent in Korea successfully completed its first exhibition.

MeasureM represented Trimos in the Europe section and had a great success with all our products and with their future-oriented booth.

We thanks all MeasureM team for their investment and enthusiasm!



Our team and our local agent, Studenroth will be once again at CONTROL. We will be pleased to meet you in Stuttgart, present you our products and give you a product demonstration! For a free entrance ticket, please fill out our form.

Control 2018


Tradeshow in Iran

We had a great exhibition in Iran at TIIE - Teheran International Industry 2017! It was a nice opportunity to show our products thanks to our local agent, Mabna Sanj Taban. The height gauge V7 and the Labconcept Premium were presented for many interested visitors. We thank all our Iranian team for their investment and enthusiasm.

Image Video Smart Reverese


Video - Simplicity of Diameter Measurement


Westec 2017 - Los Angeles

WESTEC 2017 was a great trade-show with a nice participation. Trimos was one again represented by our agent Fowler at this important exhibition in  Los Angeles. We had many interested visitors and were proud to present our V-line height gauges and  horizontal measuring instruments. We thank all our Fowler for the organization and for this nice event.



Trimos at NTB Measurement Technology Conference

On 7 September 2017 Trimos participated to the Conference on Measurement Technology organized by the Institute for Production Metrology, Materials and Optics of the Interstate University of Applied Sciences of Technology in Buchs. The theme of this conference was the technological advances in the field of computer tomography and surface metrology. Trimos presented a TR Scan Premium with the new ultra fast measuring head CCM-L1.

Trimos in Corean schools

A nice experience in Corean schools

A nice experience in Corean schools
In most Corean technical high schools students can develop their competences in several areas like mold, milling, welding, prototype modeling, cast, hair design... and also in metrology. Our local partner can be proud of it, 90% of technology high-schools are equipped with a Trimos height gauge. Students use Trimos highly reliable, extremely precise and easy-to-use instruments to practice, pass their exams and also to compete their skills at the Skills Olympic. This competition is the biggest vocational education and skills excellence event that reflects global industry. Students demonstrate technical abilities both individually and collectively to execute specific tasks for which they study or perform in their workplace.

Trimos heightGauge Corea-5 Trimos heightGauge Corea-4 Trimos heightGauge Corea-6 Trimos heightGauge Corea-2 Trimos heightGauge Corea-3 Trimos heightGauge Corea-1 Trimos heightGauge Corea


Our Champions at Trimos

Eight members of Trimos team participated at the B2Run inter-company running race on the 7th June. We are proud of them! Congratulations to each member of the team!

Expo Thailand

Intermach Thailand 2017

Intermach Thailand 2017 was a successful exhibition with a nice participation. Intermach is Asean's largest international industrial and subcontracting exhibition. Our visitors had demonstrations on Trimos height gauges and horizontal instruments. We thank all our local team for the organization!


Control 2017

We had a great exhibition and nice participation in Stuttgart at CONTROL show 2017 with ! We had many interested visitors and were proud to present our V-line height gauges, horizontal and surface measuring instruments. We thank all our German agent, Studenroth for the organization.


Versa 825 machining tool at Trimos

In order to ensure the more and more demanding precision manufacturing tasks Trimos decided to invest in a new machining tool. After a thorough market research the Versa 825 from Fehlman has been choosen. This is not only the match between requirements and a solution, but a match between two swiss companies, leaders within their market, and sharing a lot of similitude. Discover more about this new exciting partnership under this page (article in French).

index industrie lyon

TSM-France at Industrie Lyon

"Industrie Lyon" is an important event for our agent, TSM-FRANCE. This year again the trade show had a real success. Our V-line height gauges and Labconcept Premium attracted many interested visitors thanks to the professionalism of TSM-FRANCE.


Trimos Fire Prevention course

Great experience for all Trimos team to participate to the Fire Prevention course at Trimos yesterday. ECA (Fire Prevention and Training Center) came to Trimos to train the entire team the use of fire extinguishers. Apart from our expertise in metrology, we all know by now how to handle fires. We thank you ECA and Mr. Zehfus for this great training!


INTERMOLD 2017 Korea

Kimeas, our partner in Korea had a great and successful exhibition at INTERMOLD 2017. Thanks to their participation, Trimos V3 and V9 height gauges were presented to many interested visitors.

 Intermold 2017 -3  Intermold 2017 -6  Intermold 2017 -9


TIMTOS 2017 Taïwan

The 26th TIMTOS Machine Tool Show was a great exhibition for us with a real success. TIMTOS is Taiwan's largest metal processing equipment trade show. The show was organized with our local agent, Everbright. We thank you for their enthusiasm and investment on this great show!

TIMTOF 2017 - 3 TIMTOF 2017 - 6


IMTEX 2017 India

The 18th IMTEX exhibition in India was an important event for us and had real a success. Our new height gauges, the V5 and V7 and horizintal measuring instruments, like the Labconcept Premium  were exhibited and attracted many interested visitors. This great trade show was organized with our local agent, Trimaster Metrology who represented Trimos with a real professionalism.

planning trade shows

Trade Shows 2017

In 2017 Trimos participates to many international trade shows. Please see the schedule of upcoming events below.
Our trade shows are organized with our local Agencies. Our team of specialists will be pleased to present you our instruments, answer your questions and discuss your projects to find the right solution for you!



Asia Seminar 2017

Our annual meeting in Thailand with our Asian partners and Sylvac had once again a great success. Trimos agents and  partners joint this seminar where new products and strategic issues were presented and discussed to further develop of Trimos markets in Asia.
Discover some serious and some less serious moments of our annual meeting:


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


We also would like to take the opportunity to remind you that Trimos will be closed from 24 December 2016 to 08 January 2017. During the holidays all conacts by our contact form will be transferred to our local agents.



Issoku, our agent in Japan participates in many trade shows and expositions every year. At Issoku's booths you can always find Trimos newest instruments. Our colleagues, experts in metrology are present to answer your questions and show the right products that can answer your problems.

This year at JIMTOF 2016 exhibition visitors to the Issoku - Trimos stand had the opportunity to find Trimos V7 and V9 height gauges and the Labconcapt Nano.

Trimos Horizon Setting-ll

New - Horizon Setting

We are pleased to annonce the arrival of our New horizontal measuring instrument, the Horizon Setting.

Horizon Setting is the ideal instrument for the control and calibration of measuring means with fixed and variable dimensions. Its high precision and finishing level position it as a top of the range model for workshop or laboratory use.
Video VIDEO:

Prodex Trimos

Prodex 2016

Trimos is once again present at Prodex, International exhibition for machine tools, tooling and production measurement.


Demonstration Tour

A demonstration tour with the new generation of Trimos Height Gauges will take place in November in France.
We are pleased to offer you a free and personalized demonstration on your premises. This demonstration takes about 30 minutes, and requires just a small space. Feel free to invite your colleagues.
Thank you for using the REGISTRATION FORM and mention your availability. We will contact you to confirm the date of our visit.



Height gauge V9 presented in Chicago

Trimos latest instruments are at the moment exposed and available for demonstrartion at IMTS in Chicago by our agent Fowlers.

This International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, with more than 2,000 exhibiting companies. The exhibition is a great opportunity for Trimos to showcase our very latest V-Line height gauge, the V9. Visitors to the Trimos-Fowler stand can also find out more about our Horizontal Measuring Instruments and Surface measuring instruments until the 17th September.


20th anniversary of Max Value

Our agent in Thailand, Max Value Technology has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. MaxValue has been active in the field of metrology for 20 years and specializes in industrial measuring instruments and calibration service. You can find below some photos of their celebration.

18072016 JL Extreme use in India

Height-gauge in extreme conditions

Trimos height gauges are sometimes used in extreme conditions. In this manufacturing site in India Trimos height gauges are used at a temperature of more than 36°C.

18072016 JL Extreme use in India

Site Internet

New domain name

You have probably wondered why our website address was not until yet, only
The reason is simple: until recently it did not belong to us.
We got it back recently, and now it is operational!
Our new domain name


Die & Mold Exhibition

Trimos precision measuring instruments were exposed at the 16th International Exhibition on Die & Mold Technology and Equipment in Shanghai by our agent DANTSIN from 28 June to 7 July.

Visitors at Dantsin's stand had the opportunity to find out more about Trimos new height gauges, and could also have a demonstration on our Surface Measuring Instrument, the TR Scan Premium and Horizontal Measuring Instruments.


Trimos at CIMES in China

CIMES is one of the most important exhibition for Trimos in China. For many years we participate with our agent, Dantsin. Our height gauges, horizontal measuring instruments and the TR Scan optical measuring instrument have been exposed.

Drapeai Issoku Trimos

Our champions at Issoku, Japan

Eight members of our Issoku agancy participated at the Night City Ride on the 5th June and cycled 120 km. We are proud of them! Congratulation!
See some pictures below:


Fowler Mobile Tech Center

Fowler, our agent in the USA is equipped with a "Mobile Tech Center" wich is a custom deluxe motor coach turned into a mobile showroom.

The mobil showroom contains a wide variety of measuring tools and precision instruments, including Trimos horizontal measuring instruments and Trimos height gauges.

The goal with the Mobile Tech Center is to bring measuring instruments closer to the customers around the country. It provides not only information about instruments but also allows their guests to see products in use. A visit by the Fowler Mobile Tech Center often helps customers find answers to their own measuring challenges by giving them an opportunity to use instruments on their own products.

V7 - Longues touches-l

Long Probes with excellent Repeatability

The great robustness and flexibility of Trimos' new Height Gauges allow the use of very diverse probes up to 400 mm long with a breath-taking repeatability:


Height Gauge V7 at FEIMEC 2016 in Brazil

After the success of Control Exhibition in Germany in April, Trimos exhibited this time in Brazil, at FEIMEC - International Fair of Machines and Equipment from 3th to 7th May.

This event was a great opportunity to showcase Trimos' very latest precision measurement equipments, its brand new V7 and V9 vertical measuring instruments.



TRIMOS Precision Measuring Solutions at CONTROL 2016

Once again Trimos was present at Control in Germany and pleased to present its latest measurement technologies


Control is always an important exhibition in our calendar. It is a great showcase for our latest developments and innovations in the field of precision measurement. As usual, we shared one of the largest stands of the exhibition hall with our partners Studenroth and Sylvac. Trimos Horizontal Measuring Instruments, Height Gauges and the TR Scan Optical Measuring Instrument were presented.

Control 2016 was also an excellent place to show Trimos NEW range of Height Gauges, the V3, V4, V5, V6, V7 and V9. We were proud to give many demonstrations of our latest V9 Height Gauge model and show its exceptional precision level.




Bowers at MACH 2016

Trimos latest precision measurement equipments are at the moment  exposed and available for demonstrartion at MACH in Birmingham by our agent Bowers.


MACH is the leading showcase for advances in the manufacturing industry. It is a biennial exhibition which brings together all the best innovations and latest developments to come from the manufacturing technologies sectors under one roof.

Visitors to the Trimos - Bowers stand have the opportunity to find out more about Trimos New height gauges, and also about the most innovated Surface Measuring Instruments and Horizontal Measuring Instruments.



TRIMOS_V9 height gauge

Height gauge V9 presented in Korea

Trimos new height gauges were presented in Korea by our agent Kimeas at SIMTOS exhibition.


SIMTOS is a 5 day event being held from 13th April to the 17th April 2016 at the Kintex - Korea International Exhibition Center in Goyang, Korea. This event showcases products like Turning Machines, Milling Machines, Boring Machines, Grilling and Tapping Machines, Grinding Machines, Gear cutting machines, Modular machines & modular units, Metal Forming Machine, Non-traditional machining and special purpose machines, FMC/FMS& automatic devices, Machine tool components and auxiliary equipments such as Numerical control systems, machine tool apparatus, Abrasive, cutting tools, tooling, Inspection, measuring equipments etc. in the Plant, Machinery & Equipment industry.



Trimos height gauge V-Line

V7 and V9 - New Trimos Height Gauges

After the very successful V5 and V6 versions, Trimos has developed two new instruments in its Height Gauge Family, the V7 and V9


The height gauges V7 and V9 also share the features that made their predecessors so successful: electronically adjustable measurement force, all possible adjustments without tools, manual or motorized displacement, interfaces rs232 and usb... But what is to underline about this family of instruments is its extreme precision and its touch-display with a very strict philosophy: only the necessary information is displayed in the menus.

The great robustness and flexibility of the V7 and V9 height gauges allow their extremely easy use with probes up to 400 mm long with a breathtaking repeatability. The manual or motor-driven displacement remain available on both models.

The model V9 pushes further away the limits in terms of precision and repeatability. It has been developed for the most demanding users. The height gauge V9 can be remote-controlled via a PC, and allows a great efficiency, even in complex tasks such as programming, 2D mode, angles measurements or statistical analysis of results.

If you need more information on these new height gauges, our team of specialists is available to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We would be even happy to give you a bespoke product demonstration.
For more about the new models:
Height gauge V9

Trimos AMK Toolprom

New agent for Belarus

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our distribution network, with the arrival of AMK TOOLPROM GROUP for the Belarus’ market. For more about AMK Toolprom:

TR Scan Premium-l

Nano Tech 2016 - Tokyo

From 27 to 30 January we exhibit the TR-Scan Premium on the Swiss Pavilon of the Nanotech 2016 exhibition in Tokyo. The first day already 15,000 interested visitor.


Trimos V-Line Training

Training V-Line - Suzhou

On the 19th and 20th of January we had our first official training in China for the new Trimos V-Line. 
The training was hold at the new DANTSIN – WERTH DEMO centre in Suzhou for ten engineers coming from all over China. The mechanical training was given by W. Meyer and J. Lendi was involved with software upgrade, correction & new offered application functions. The training was very well appreciated, we have been encouraged to organize more similar training in the future.


tr scan premium-face

TR Scan with Chromatic Confocal Microscopy Line Technology

Our Surface Measuring Instrument, the TR Scan Premium was presented with Line Sensor technology for the first time in Singapore at our agent WT PRECISION.

The TR Scan Premium with the Chromatic Confocal Microscopy Line Sensor offers an incredibly fast 3D measurement of 384.000 points per second with nanometric scale resolution.


TR Scan Line Sensor

Trimos Sylvac Asie 2016

Trimos-Sylvac meeting - Asia 2016

We had our annual meeting with our Asian agents and Sylvac from 14 to 15 January in Thailand. New products and strategic issues were presented and discussed to further develop and commercialize of Trimos instruments in Asia.


Trimos Dantsin

DANTSIN - Werth Demo Center - Opening ceremony

On November 26, 2015 our agent in China, Dantin, organizes the opening ceremony of the DANTSIN - Werth Demo Center in Suzhou.
Over 300 customers attended the opening ceremony coming all over China. During the opening ceremony local authorities from Suzhou & high national metrology  representatives were present like NIM " National Institute of Metrology ".
TRIMOS presented the LABCP300B, the LABC NANO 600 & the TR SCAN with the new MULTILINE, in the build in METROLOGY LABORATORY with highly controlled temperature.


The DANTSIN - Werth Demo Center offers all latest facilities & covering a surface of more than 1500 m2 divided in following:

  • Demo room
  • Metrology Calibration Laboratory 
  • Seminar Room
  • DANTSIN office 
  • WERTH representative office 
The idea of the Demo Center is to offer to regional & all over China customers, the following:
  • Offer at any time of the year a professional demonstration facility by high qualified DANTSIN application engineers on the various metrology equipments from the DANTSIN suppliers
  • Test the performance of the instruments by bringing customers components which have to be measured with high standard requirement 
  • Organize training, technical & commercial seminars or events
The opening of the DANTSIN - Werth Demo Center might be followed by other opening of Demo Center's in the coming years all over China in which TRIMOS will be an active partner like WERTH is presently for DEMO CENTER in Suzhou.

We congratulate all DANTSIN team for this great achievement & for the great professional organization who impressed customers & suppliers, and of course a great success for the coming months & years.


Trimoss Inde

Trimos in India

Did you know?
Some trademarks are so frequently used, that they became generic terms.
Everyone uses hoovering or googling for example.
In India you can actually make a Xerox (to copy), or you can use a "Trimoss" (for a height gauge). 


Trimos India

Colonne de mesure V5

V5-400 presented in Taiwan Taichung Machine Tool Exhibition

Our agent in Taiwan has joined Taichung Machine Tool Exhibition from Nov. 05 to Nov. 09 and presented the V5-400 Height Gauge.



China Train

Trimos instruments at China Railway High-speed (CRH)

China Railway High-speed (CRH) is launching the new generation of trains using Trimos instruments: the LABCONCEPT Nano and Horizon Premium .


CRH is the high-speed rail service operated by China Railway. All high-speed trains in commercial use in China are named CRH. The different models of CRH trains are expected to have a maximum speed of 250 km/h, 350 km/h, 416.6 km/h. The fastest trainset, CRH380BL, attained a maximum test speed of 487.3 km/h.

To achieve this speed in safety CRH had to choose the most accurate measuring instruments possible. Our customer is equipped with a LABCONCEPT Nano and a Horizon Premium from Trimos.



Nano World workgroup

In order to allow Trimos to focus its efforts on the very high precision segment, a new workgroup named "NANO World" has been  formed. Its mission will be to offer unique solutions in terms of precision in the fields of calibration of measuring systems (LABC-Nano) and of contactless surface measuring (TR Scan).


Seminar Nano in Japan

Nano seminar in Nagoya

Trimos is in Japan in Nagoya for a seminar on the Labconcept Nano. The demonstrations are done in white glove! Please take a look at our pictures.



Our agent Issoku at Mechatronics Exhibition

Mechatronic exhibition in Nagoya with a well-prepared stand and the visit of many stakeholders. Our market managers and Issoku Agent are all present and available for presentations and demonstrations.


Pocket Guide Trimos

New Pocket Guide V-Line

Our new flyer Pocket Guide V-Line has arrived! This mini brochure contains the most important technical specifications of the new Height Gauges Trimos: V3, V4, V5 and V6.



If you wish to have a few copies, please contact us on the Contact page.

Pocket Guide

Seminar Prizma

Trimos Seminar in Russia

Over 100 customers from all regions of Russia met at Prisma's anual seminar in Saint Petersburg. They discovered the new range of height gauges recently launched by Trimos as well as new applications in the high precision surface measurement.


Trimos after sales service

After sales training

Our product manager for Nano instruments, Mr. Blaser is in China for an after sales training for the Labconcept Nano.


Trimos at Mercedes Benz

Trimos and Mercedes Benz China

Mercedes Benz Beijing China is an important Customer of Trimos. Trimos supplies Mercedes' laboratory with a Labconcept Nano to ensure the highest possible precision of its measurements.


Trimos Labconcept Nano chez Delphi

Labconcept Nano at Delphi

We are proud to have Delphi among our most important customers. Delphi chose a Swiss made instrument, the LABCONCEPT NANO to ensure the extreme accuracy of its measurements.




The most enduring agent of Trimos is probably Issoku in Japan. For members of Issoku's team participated at the Niigata city Marathon.


Trimos Japon Agent Marathon

Trimos Installation

Labconcept Premium installation in Japan

Japon, Oijia : measuring large ring at NSS with Trimos' Labconcept Premium


Trimos Metrology

Metrology exhibition in Brno

Trimos products are presented at exhibition in Bruno by our Czech agent, Metrology.


Metrology exhibition


Exhibition EMO

Trimos is present at the exhibition EMO:


WP Precision

Laboratory in Singapore

Our agent in Singapore, Pte.Ltd WT Precision Equipment is proud to share some photos of its laboratory equipped with Trimos intruments. For more information:


TR Scan training

TR Scan Training at Trimos

Our partners have been trained for measurements on the TR Scan Premium 


Trimos TR Scan Premium

TR Scan after sales at AVIC

AVIC is the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, is a Chinese state-owned aerospace and defense company.


Video Trimos V3

Video Height Gauge V3


Height Gauge V4

We are pleased to annonce the arrival of our latest Height Gauge, the V4!
This new generation continues the more than 40 years long tradition to provide easy to use, efficient and robust tools for the most difficult workshop environments. Like the rest of the product range they are designed and manufactured entirety in Switzerland.


V3 new   
                             Trimos V4 colonne de mesure       Height gauge V4

One of the key innovations is the display providing direct access to the functions with symbols easy to understand. This allows an easy and quick handling even for an unqualified personnel. Visual characteristics especially contrast has been designed to support all lighting conditions, a unique characteristic on the market.

Colonne de mesure avec touche longue

The V4 measuring column in addition features a second probe holder, programmable buttons on the handle and an air cushion for easy displacement on the measurement table.

The new features of this latest generation:

- Additional probe holder
- Air cushion
- Programmable function keys on handle
- Display with: excellent visibility, double information, large function keys, tilt of display 40° for a better visibility
- Long Probe interchangeable up to 330 mm
- Quick balance adjustment: for lighter or heavier probes

Trimos Height Gauge V3

Height Gauge V3

We are pleased to annonce the arrival of our latest height gauge V3.


                   Trimos V3 colonne de mesure     

This new generation continues the more than 40 years long tradition to provide easy to use, efficient and robust tools for the most difficult workshop environments. Like the rest of the product range they are designed and manufactured entirety in Switzerland.

One of the key innovations is the display providing direct access to the functions with symbols easy to understand. This allows an easy and quick handling even for an unqualified personnel. Visual characteristics especially contrast has been designed to support all lighting conditions, a unique characteristic on the market.

The V3 measuring column is the new entry-level Trimos universal measuring column. It is nevertheless equipped with state-of-the-art solutions to provide a robustness and easy-of-use including all functions essential for a use in the workshop.

The new features of this latest generation:

Display with
- Excellent visibility
- Double information
- Large function keys
- Tilt of display 40° for a better visibility

Long Probe interchangeable up to 330 mm

Quick adjustment:
Light / heavy probe change

Trimos Surface Analyse Measuring

Surface Analyse measuring instruments

Hip replacements have become one the most common orthopaedic procedures over the past 50 years. Surface finish of joint bearings is a key parameter to ensure sustainable wear as well as reliability and body compatibility.

Only a strict control of the joint surface with quantification of its quality can ensure a proper operation over the entire life cycle. Trimos offers new solutions for a quick and non-destructive surface finish control with subnanometric resolution.



In 2011, over 1 million hip replacements were performed worldwide [1]. This trend is expected to continue in the next decades due to ageing population and improving medical care in developing countries.


Abrasion and wear resistance is one of the major challenges for long term stability of artificial joints. The release of metal particulate debris can trig inflammatory responses and lead to bone resorption and aseptic loosening [2]. Intense research efforts continue to develop new designs and materials as well as manufacturing methods to produce more biocompatible and wear resistant implants.

Being able to analyse and quantify their surface texture plays a key role in achieving this objective.


Metrological Challenge

Prosthetic joints are usually highly polished surfaces of different materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers and in a near future even nanocomposites. Characterising these surfaces requires a highly accurate and non-destructive technology. Until recently, the only instrument able to perform such analysis was a human eye. Today, harsh requirements of medical regulations, traceability needs and process standardisation demand the quantification of surface properties.

Measuring Surface Texture

Trimos is now able offer a specific solution for the medical industry. The TR Scan Premium equipped with its specially designed DHM S3 (Digital Holographic Microscopy) measuring head allows the retrieval of the full three dimensional surface information with nanometric resolution from a single image acquisition (no vertical scanning needed).

tr scan measurement

  Figure 1
  Measurement of an acetabular cup with DHM S3

Acquisition time of a few microseconds makes DHM® systems insensitive to external vibrations and thus easy to operate.



Figure 2

Femoral Implant Head - 3D view of the surface texture

Thorough Surface Analysis

Three dimensional surface characterisation provides far more information about its spatial structure than classical 2D profile measurement.

The recently published international standards collection ISO 25178 offers new analysis tools and parameters for surface quantification.

Table 1

Examples of typical 3D Parameters according to ISO 25178


DHM is a recognized surface texture measurement method according to the standard ISO 25178-6.


[1] OECD, “Health at a glance 2011,” Report, OECD Publishing, 2011


[2] European Commission, Joint Research Centre, “Total Hip Arthroplasty- State of the Art, Challenges and Prospects”, 2012

Trimos Labconcept Nano

Labconcept Nano

Precision is number one in Microrectif company's priorities. Trimos was contacted in order to equip Microrectif's metrology laboratory with the best dimensional solution available :
Labconcept Nano


Labconcept Nano


Founded in 1989, the Microrectif company is expert in machining and very high precision grinding. Specialized in one-off part and small series production, Microrectif has one of the most performing machinery equipment of the market and is therefore able to satisfy the most demanding requests.

Microrectif philosophy is to offer first-class service in the fields of machining and very high precision grinding. Prestigious names of aeronautical, nuclear, medical industries and research laboratories are to be found among Microrectif customers.

Microrectif, High Precision Mechanics - Saint Etienne - Loire - Rhône Alpes – France

In order to ensure the highest precision of the manufactured parts, Microrectif has fully air-conditioned production workshops, as well as an ultra-performing metrology laboratory.



The requirements of Microrectif customers are more and more demanding and frequently under the µm. Current existing measuring solutions do not allow to reach the requested precision level and eliminate the user’s influence, which is an important source of error.

Microrectif has been therefore looking for a solution allowing to ameliorate the precision in a significant manner.

Solution Offered

The solution chosen by Microrectif is Labconcept Nano by Trimos. Its main assets are obviously to be found in its outstanding precision, but also in the 3 motorized axes allowing the automation of numerous measurements, and, as a result, the elimination of the user’s influence.

 The WinDHI software offers numerous parameters allowing to optimize the measurement in accordance with the customer’s objectives, either productivity or precision. Precision remains the absolute priority for Microrectif. In the field of inner diameters measuring, for example, it will be possible to start a series of measurements that will be executed by the machine alone, away from all external influence.

Figure 1

The Labconcept Nano installed in the outstanding metrology laboratory of Microrectif

Labconcept Nano bague

Figure 2

100% automatic calibration of a high precision ring



The combination of an ultra-performing laboratory together with Labconcept Nano allows Microrectif to guarantee the highest precision level of the market.

Trimos Surface Measurement

Surface measurement technology

In order to guarantee the quality of surface roughness with a nanometric precision, Microrectif company has acquired a contactless measuring instrument : Trimos TR Scan.


TR Scan


Founded in 1989, the Microrectif company is expert in very high precision machining and grinding. Specialized in one-off part and small series production, Microrectif has one of the most performing machinery equipment of the market and is therefore able to satisfy the most demanding requests.

Microrectif philosophy is to offer first-class service in the fields of machining and very high precision grinding. Prestigious names of aeronautical, nuclear, medical industries and research laboratories are to be found among Microrectif customers.

Microrectif, High Precision Mechanics - Saint Etienne - Loire - Rhône Alpes – France


So as to verify and guarantee a flawless quality of the machined surfaces, Microrectif metrology laboratory has been equipped with a Trimos TR Scan bench.



Conventional roughness measuring equipment by contact does not allow the characterization of all surface types. Indeed, an increasing number of applications do not authorize measurements by contact anymore, as those can  damage the surfaces.

These constraints brought Microrectif to find a non-destructive solution in order to measure rapidly and precisely polished surfaces whose Ra is close to 0.04 µm.

Proposed Solution

Therefore Microrectif has been looking for a supplier able to satisfy his needs for the measuring and analysis of the most difficult surfaces.

Finally, the persons in charge have been convinced by the solution proposed by Trimos : the TR Scan.

 This instrument consists in 3 XYZ motorized axes. The Z axis can accommodate various measuring heads according to the type of surface to be measured. This parameter has been particularly decisive as the variety of forms, materials and machining types is very large :

  • DHM – Digital Holography: For the measurement of finely polished and reflective surfaces.
  • CCM - Chromatic Confocal: For the measurement of more complex forms and textures.


  Picture 1

  Contactless measurement of surface roughness in a polished groove         with CCM.

Customized Reports

All measurements made with DHM and CCM technologies are in compliance with ISO standards and allow a 1:1 comparison with classic instruments by contact.

Picture 2

Customized reports thanks to Nanoware Analyse software


The use of an optical profilometer has allowed Microrectif to ameliorate the quality control of his processings and to gain in credibility in new markets.

This company can therefore face the evolutions of standards in the matter of surface roughness with serenity.

Trimos Labconcept Nano

Labconcept Nano: 100% automatical measurements

The 3 motorized axes of Labconcept Nano allow a 100% automatic measurement of plain rings, thread rings, conical threads etc.


Trimos Labconcept Nano                      

  • Productivity rise
  • No influence of the user
  • Ease of use

Example: Measurement of a threaded ring in less than one minute!

Trimos Swiss Made

SWISS MADE manufacturing according to Trimos

Trimos does not restrict the SWISS MADE notion to a simple sticker affixed on the products. This notion is characterized by a high finishing level, as well as high quality and service, together with novative and reliable products. Producting in Switzerland also means ensuring working conditions that respect the workers, the environmnent, as well as the applicable security norms.


In order to master all these aspects, Trimos has decided to invest into production tools : the recent acquisition of a new 5-axes, 4000 mm capacity machining center, will allow the realization of most of complex and of great dimension machinings internally.

Trimos Swiss Made


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