Swiss Measuring Instruments

Expo Manufactura in Monterrey

Discover the cutting-edge world of metrology

Discover the cutting-edge world of metrology at Expo Manufactura in Monterrey, Mexico, hosted at the prestigious CINTERMEX Convention Center. Trimos and Miasa join forces at their stand, showcasing the most advanced metrology instruments that redefine precision measurement. Standout among them is the Trimos Labconcept Nano calibration bench, making its debut appearance in Mexico. This groundbreaking instrument sets new standards in calibration accuracy, offering a glimpse into the future of metrology technology.

At the heart of the Trimos Labconcept Nano are its remarkable features, including unparalleled precision, user-friendly interface, and versatility. Visitors can explore the instrument’s capabilities through live demonstrations, gaining insights into its applications across diverse industries. Alongside the Labconcept Nano, Miasa presents a comprehensive lineup of instruments, including A-Line Measuring arms and V-Line Height Gauges. These tools reflect Trimos’ commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving demands of precision measurement.

A warm thank you to Miasa, the dedicated representative of Trimos in Mexico, for their motivation in organising this exhibition. The stand exudes professionalism and warmth, providing a welcoming environment for visitors to engage with the showcased instruments. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the future of metrology – visit Miasa’s stand at Expo Manufactura for an immersive experience in precision measurement technology.