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Large Trapezoidal Threads Measurements

Case Study with the Trimos HC-Line

Application Background

Many companies with trapezoidal thread gauges face a dilemma when it comes to calibrating them. The solutions available on the market are either imprecise or extremely expensive.

Today, Trimos is able to offer an innovative and simple solution for the measurement of large trapezoidal threads based on its horizontal instruments.

Three-wire measurement

Three wire measurement

This is one of the most accurate procedure for determining the pitch diameter of threads.

trapezoidal thread measuring accessory

The trapezoidal thread measuring accessory consists of a pair of supports with rotating head which are mounted directly on the instrument. For each thread pitch size an adapter with precision pins (wires) is attached to the head of the support. The rotation axis of the support head allows the pins to be positioned precisely in the thread. The measurement is carried out in the same way as with conventional 3 wire method.

Measurement in vertical position

Measurement In Vertical Position

Application example of trapezoidal thread plug in vertical position

Measurement in horizontal position

Measurement In Horizontal Position

Application example of trapezoidal thread plug in horizontal position

Requested configuration

This application is compatible with HC-Line Calibration bench

The QMSOT software is recommended for the calculation of the pitch diameters.

Each application requires specific adapters. This is why we ask you to contact us to define the best configuration for your application. Price on request.