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Trimos A5 and CJTEK Grinding Machine Integration


CJTEK is a renowned Swiss company, specialized in designing, manufacturing, and assembling precision mechanical parts. Their expertise includes the supply of high-quality crossheads, specifically for cables and tubes.

To uphold its reputation for precision and quality, CJTEK partnered with Trimos, a leader in metrology, integrating the advanced measuring arm, the Trimos A5 into their production process.

Application Background

CJTEK, with its headquarters in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, has been a solution oriented key player in industry since 1999. The company is recognized for its high-products and services, serving over 400 global companies. CJTEK’s manufacturing process, especially in grinding machine operations, demands extreme precision to ensure the quality and reliability of its products.


The primary challenge faced by CJTEK was maintaining and enhancing the precision of their manufacturing process, particularly in the grinding of parts.

Precise measurements are critical to ensure that each part meets stringent industry standards and customer specifications.

Traditional measurement tools were not adequate to meet the growing demands for accuracy and efficiency.


The introduction of the Trimos A5 measuring arm marked a significant advancement in CJTEK’s production capabilities.

The A5 arm is a 6-axis portable measuring device that offers a flexible measuring range of up to 9 meters. It is equipped with an electromagnetic brake locking system and a comfortable rotative handling design ensuring an extremely easy handling. Additionally, the A5 can be equipped with a wireless Bluetooth device for complete portability, making it ideal for measuring large and heavy parts without moving them.

This integration allowed CJTEK to achieve exceptional accuracy and efficiency in their grinding operations, enhancing quality control and inspection processes.


The implementation of the Trimos A5 measuring arm is currently playing a crucial role in CJTEK’s manufacturing operations.

This collaboration has not only led to remarkable advancements in measurement accuracy and operational efficiency but also significantly enhanced the overall product quality. CJTEK’s ability to maintain high-quality standards and meet the specific needs of their clients is now strongly supported by the precision and versatility of the Trimos A5 arm. Trimos takes great pride in this successful partnership, valuing the opportunity to work with a company as dedicated and innovative as CJTEK.

This ongoing collaboration is a testament to how cutting-edge metrology tools can revolutionize production processes and uphold excellence in the manufacturing industry.

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