Swiss Measuring Instruments

TR Scan Compact WLI

High precision non-contact surface measurement

The TR Scan Compact WLI range allows measurements on any type of material with sub-nanometric resolution.
With its simplicity of use and small size it integrates easily in a lab environment and permit to realize quick and simple measurements.

WLI (While Light Interferometry) technology combined with a piezo motor allows extremely fast measurements.
The table allows manual movement with workpieces weighing up to 5 kg.
Motorized tables are available as an option to extend the X&Y measuring range.

  • Non-contact
  • Small footprint
  • Measuring range 400 µm
  • Resolution 0.1 nanometer
  • Extremely easy to use
  • 2.5x and 5x Michelson type optics for a wide field of view
  • Exchangeable optics, or mounted on a carousel

Technical details

WLI 2.5xWLI 5xWLI 10x WLI 20xWLI 50xWLI 100x
Resolution0.1 nm0.1 nm0.1 nm0.1 nm0.1 nm0.1 nm
Lateral resolution (X/Y)4.81 µm4.81 µm1.2 µm0.9 µm0.66 µm0.52 µm
Measuring range400 µm400 µm400 µm400 µm400 µm400 µm
Measuring range X/Y~4536 µm
~3447 µm
~2268 µm
~1723 µm
~1134 µm 
~861 µm
~567 µm
~430 µm
~226 µm
~172 µm
~113 µm
~86 µm
Optical Zoom2.5x5x10x20x50x50x
Working distance~10.3 mm~9.3 mm~7.4 mm~4.7 mm~3.4 mm~3.4 mm


01Range Temp.0 à 50 [°C]
03Resolution0.01 [°C]
04Accuracy±0.5 [°C]With 2 points calibration and temperature reference: 20°C
05Communication protocolUSB or serial comUSB by default
06Power supplyFrom USB or Serial
07Power supply0.5 [W]With 4 sensor configurations
08Dimensions82 x 102 x 36 [mm]Without sensor
09Weight350 [g]Without sensor
Temp. Sensors
10Type of sensorPT100LP2-PT100D-3.0-4L
11Cable Lenght3 [m]
12ToleranceDIN EN 60751 Classes 1/3 DIN
Serial Com configuration
13Baudrate9600 [bits/s]
ReferenceModelOpticsManual tableMotorized table
TR Scan Compact WLI
700 403 10 31TR Scan C. WLI MA 73×555x, 20x75×33
700 403 10 34TR Scan C. WLI MO 75×505x, 20x75×50
700 403 10 35TR Scan C. WLI MO 100×1005x, 20x100×100
TR Scan Compact WLI Multiple objectives (Carousel)
700 406 10 32TR Scan E. WLI MA 73×555x, 10x, 50x73×55
700 406 10 36TR Scan E. WLI MO 75×505x, 10x, 50x75×50
700 406 10 37TR Scan E. WLI MO 100×1005x, 10x, 50x100×100