Swiss Measuring Instruments

What is a measuring arm?

The 3D measuring arms, also known as articulated arms, are mobile coordinate measuring instruments (CMMs) which allows quality control, inspection and verification of small to large size parts in the workshop.

The articulated arms record the 3D position of a probe in space and send the results to a PC software. (Examples of software for data report and analysis: Aberlink, Polyworks…)

Why do we call this portable CMM “Measuring Arm”?

This instrument is constructed like a human arm with shoulder, elbow, forearm, and a wrist. It is usually used in manufacturing environment where the object to be measured cannot be moved. In such cases it is the measuring arm that is brought to the work piece as it is portable and light. The ultimate measuring arms have carbon structure in order to make them lighter and thus making 3D measurements extremely easy. It is ideal for the measurement of large parts in the workshop.

Configurations of CMM measuring arms

According to your application many different models are at your disposal. You can choose your model by size, accuracy, movement, laser equipment, measuring range…. To meet the greatest number of needs Trimos offers you up to 26 different configurations. You can choose between five-axis, six-axis or seven axis models in different sizes.

Have a look at our comparison of models here: Measuring arm models

Why choose Trimos Measuring arms?

  • Extremely easy and accurate 3D measurement
  • Measuring ranges from 250 mm up to 9000 mm
  • Portable and designed for workshop environment
  • Certified according to ISO 10360-2 and ISO 10360-12 Norm
  • Exist in 5, 6 or 7 axis configuration
  • Protection with electromagnetic brake
  • Laser Scanners available for vast scanning applications
  • On-site calibration possible