Swiss Measuring Instruments

3D inspection with Laser Scanner

Non-contact 3D measurement for large-scale objects

3D inspection with laser scanners combined with a measuring arm is a powerful technology used in various industries for precise measurement, quality control, and reverse engineering.

The laser scanner captures detailed surface information, while the measuring arm provides the flexibility and mobility to reach and scan various points on an object or a part.

The combination of a 3D laser scanner and a measuring arm allows for non-contact scanning of objects and surfaces, capturing detailed 3D data for analysis and comparison with CAD models. This technology is essential for ensuring accuracy and efficiency in manufacturing, construction, and other fields.

It is also employed in production, fabrication, and assembly to keep production machinery calibrated and aligned, as well as to verify the dimensional accuracy of tooling and parts. Additionally, it expedites reverse engineering and rapid prototyping for shorter time to market in product design and engineering applications.