Swiss Measuring Instruments

WinDHI software for ULM

Unlock precision measurement capabilities with WinDHI, the essential software for Trimos ULMs.

WinDHI is Trimos’ exclusive measurement software. It is part of the basic equipment of the Trimos ULMs and allows the execution of all measurement functions. It guides the user through all tasks with an easy-to-understand interface.

The motorization of the measurement carriage (X) as well as that of the vertical (Z) and horizontal (Y) axes of the universal table enables exceptionally fast, precise, and easy measurements.

Positioning can be done via mouse and keyboard or through touch screen (optional), joystick (optional), or pedal (optional). Once positioning is done, measurements are carried out automatically, including the search for reversal points. You gauges can thus be measured in seconds. There is no risk of damaging fragile accessories during movements or measurements, even with the smallest touches.

Specific macros allow for the automation of measurements with a simple Excel sheet. With this functionality, significant gains in terms of simplicity, speed, and measurement accuracy can be achieved.

Comprehensive documentation with specific calculation examples describes all simplified functions for dialogue with the Trimos WinDHI Nano program. Thus, more experienced users can create their own macros/measurement reports tailored to their business.

  • 100% Automated measurements
  • Measurement results in a few seconds
  • User-friendly interface
  • Graphical assistance for measurement functions
  • Electronically adjustable measuring force
  • Data validation with pedal