Swiss Measuring Instruments

Height Gauge V1

Tough gauges for the modern workshop

Trimos SA is proud to present its latest entry-level vertical measuring instruments, the V1 and V1+.

In the evolving landscape of dimensional metrology, Trimos is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovations: the V1 and V1+. These entry-level instruments are masterfully designed to serve as the perfect bridge between the traditional world of scribers and the advanced realm of height gauges, embodying the Swiss commitment to precision, reliability, and user-friendly design.

V1: Ideal for those taking their first steps into precision measurement. The V1 simplifies unidirectional measurements and tracing with remarkable ease. It offers a seamless transition for users accustomed to manual scribers, upgrading their toolset without sacrificing simplicity and robustness. This instrument is crafted to endure, embodying the Swiss ethos of durability and precision, with features tailored for immediate application:

V1+ : This model takes the foundational qualities of the V1 to new heights, catering to those looking to broaden their measurement capabilities. It introduces bi-directional measurement, which brings added versatility without necessitating extra accessories. It also features advanced fine adjustment and a constant measuring force, both critical for improving measurement precision.

  • Robust and Easily Portable
  • Clear, Simple User Interface
  • Counterweight for Operational Comfort
  • Quick and Smooth Carriage movement
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • Bidirectional Measurement Capability (V1+)
  • Measuring Force Management (V1+)
  • RS232 Connectivity (Bluetooth coming soon)
  • Available in 300 and 600 mm models

Technical details

Measuring rangemm (in)306 (12)611 (24)
Max permissible errors, BMPEmm0.0180.030
Repeatability, RMPE (2s)mm0.010
Max. Resolutionsmm (in)0.01 (0.001)
Measuring forceN
Interfaces RS232
Max. travel speedmm/s1500
Weight (steel base)kg78
Measuring rangemm (in)306 (12)611 (24)
Max permissible errors, BMPEmm0.0150.025
Repeatability, RMPE (2s)mm0.005
Max. Resolutionsmm (in)0.001 (0.0001)
Measuring forceN3
Interfaces RS232
Max. travel speedmm/s1500
Weight (steel base)kg78
Weight (granite base)kg13.415
The above values were determined in accordance with ISO 13225 using the TA-MI-121 insert.
RMPE is defined as 2 times the standard deviation (2s) over a series of 20 height measurements.