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Chromatic Confocal  Microscopy Point - 2 Technology

Bigger numerical aperture (Slope)

Small vertical resolution and large numerical aperture allows for accurate measurements on all types of material. Ideal for non-contact measurement of topography and layer thickness.

Technical specifications for CCMP2



A wide range of sensor are available with this version. It also offers significant numerical aperture.

An objective colour L projects the image of a point source W along a continuum of monochromatic images located on the optical axis ("colour coding").

A sample placed in the area of colour coding shows the surface diffuse the incident light brush.

Backscattered light through the lens colour L in the opposite direction and arrives at a hole P that filters all wavelengths except one, λM.

The collected light is analyzed by a spectrograph S. The position of the sample is directly related to the wavelength detected λM.


CCMP2      Chromatic confocal for distance & thickness

         CL300         CL1000


CL300 µm

CL1000 µm

Measuring Range

300 µm

1000 µm

Working distance1)

4.5 mm

19.1 mm


10 nm

35 nm

Max slope 2)


+/- 45°

Lateral resolution

2.5 µm

1.8 µm

Numerial operture



Spot size

5 µm

3.5 µm

1) Bottom of probe to middle of measuring range
2) Decrasing accuracy on the limits
At Refractive index n = 1.5