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Trimos has taken from its vast experience in engineering to develop a specific solution to suit the needs of international clients. Trimos mechanical development team can visualise the specific mechanical construction from the start of the project, meaning clients have the option of a total integration according to their needs.

The integration of all roughness analysis functions allows a fully automatic use without human intervention. Our combination Product Manager / mechanics, electronics and software R&D teams make the understanding and follow up of specific demands possible. Our TR SCAN SOLUTION can be fitted with a robot for the automatic loading of parts to be measured.

TR Scan Solution_client

- Turnkey solutions
- Fully automatic, 24/7 use, 7 days a week
- Dedicated to one or more specific measures
- Fast non-contact roughness measurement
- Measurement of geometry elements
- Fast thickness measurement on all types of surfaces
- Innovative vacuum fastening system
- Multi sensors/sensors
- Specific software according to the customer's request
- Remote assistance
- Ready for Industry 4.0
- Palletizing possible
- Manual or automatic loading
- Loading by a robot
- Online CGK & RR calculation
- Automatic saving of all measurement profiles
- LOG export and automatic results
- Exporting values in QDAS format
- Fieldbus type: Profinet & Profibus

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