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Portable Measuring Arms - A3

Articulated Measuring arm Trimos A3




Small 6 axes portable arm for an extremely easy and accurate 3D measurement. The most precise A-Line range. 

Portable Measuring Arm


The most precise range

Portability extreme

No special arrangements required

Autonomy due to the integrated wireless system

Fixed or interchangeable probe

Fixed counterweight for a perfectly stable and durable balance

​Buttons mounted on the probe for an improved measuring sensitivity

The A3 is the standalone range of the Trimos A-line portable measuring arms. Its particularity is its small size enabling you to take it anywhere without any arrangement.

The 6-axis configuration arm is available at 1.3 m and 1.8 m measuring range. The carbon fiber tubes and aluminum mount base allow to the A3 arm an extremely stable and light structure. With its mass counterbalance an excellent handling experience is guaranteed.



A-line measuring arm application-4   A-line measuring arm application-9
  Measuring arm small part
  Measuring arm_application 05

Technical specifications

Models A3
Measuring range (m)
MPEp*5 (mm)
MPEe*6 (mm)
Weight (kg) 
A3 - 1300
 1.3 6
 0,005 + L\50 < 0,015  9.5
A3 - 1800
 1.8 6
 0,005 + L\40 < 0,018

*Values reported are expressed with 2 σ error. The values are indicative, for Blue and Red line models, and depend on surface quality and properties, surface diffusivity properties and ambient light conditions.

*1 Icones bras_E-UNI

 EUni: Maximum permissible longitudinal error of measurement, Bidirectional
 *2  Icones bras_P-SIZE  PSize: Maximum permissible probe deviation, size
 *3  Icones bras_P-FORM  PForm Maximum permissible probe deviation, shape
 *4  Icones bras_L-DIA  LDia: Maximum permissible probe deviation, position
 *5    MPEp: Maximum permissible Error, probing  – ISO 10360-2
 *6    MPEe: Maximum permissible Error, length measurement  – ISO 10360-2