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Other Measuring Instruments


Sylvac is an important partner of Trimos in the field of metrology. Discover Sylvac's precision measuring instruments.


Hand tools    


Hand Tools

In 1981, Sylvac launched the first caliper with digital read-out on the market. Today, Sylvac remains a leader in this market and offers a range of calipers with digital read-out of a measurement capacity from 150 to 30000 mm.


    digital indicators    


Digital indicators

The electronic indicators are equipped with a linear sensor and an engraved scale glued on the measuring spindle. A sensor replaces the gears. The analogic display is transformed into a digital display. The electronic indicator program covers the entire range of mechanical indicators with resolutions 0.1 to 0.0001mm and measuring range up to 150mm, and with much better accuracy.


Internal Measuring Instruments    


Internal Measuring Instruments

SYLVAC offers a large range of internal measuring instruments made of interchangeable 2 or 3 points mechanical heads and electronic units with digital display, integrated in the micrometer bodies or in pistol grips guaranteeing a sure and fast measurement.


Digital Scales    


Digital Scale

SYLVAC manufactures horizontal and vertical digital scales. The measuring range goes up to 600mm, special measuring range on request. All the display units are equipped with a data output.


Height Gauge    


Height Gauge

Specially developed and optimized for use in production lines, HI_CAL offers a great efficiency thanks to its large screen which can simultaneously display diameters and centerlines.


Digital Displays    


Measuring Probes and Digital Displays

Depending on the domain of application, Sylvac proposes two types of probes. The capacitive type offers a high accuracy on all the probe’s range and a high repeatability. Coupled to the Sylvac display units, a linearisation can be performed to decrease the sampling error up to 0.4 μm. They perfectly fit for applications on granit stands and Sylvac measuring benches. The inductive type proposes some probes with minimal dimensions and a very high repeatability. Insensitive to the dust, their IP65 rating allow them to be used in heavy-duty work. They are the solution for multigauging applications from 2 to 255 probes.


Measuring Bench    


Measuring Bench

Miniaturization of manufactured goods generates challenges for the control of smaller and smaller components with high requirements on accuracy. Conventional measuring instruments and even latest optical and non-contact equipment sometimes do not allow achieving the expected results. Sylvac has a long experience of all these particular applications, acquired in contact of our very demanding Swiss watchmaker’s customers.


Measuring stands    


Measuring Stands

Universal measuring stands for fixing all probes, test indicators, and dial gauges.