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Horizontal Measuring Instruments


Measuring Bench Trimos TELS



Measuring Bench TELS

Simple and robust instrument for small dimensions measuring. Ideal for bar turning workshops.


Measuring Bench Trimos Alesta


Measuring Bench Alesta

Presetting instrument for 2 points bore gauges. Its motorized positioning and specific result in a very efficient use.


Measuring Bench Trimos Horizon Granite

Measuring Bench Horizon Granite

Presetting and calibration benches for comparative measurement instruments up to 12000 mm. Perfectly adapted to workshops environment, thanks to their robust construction.


Measuring Bench Trimos Horizon Setting / Setting plus


Measuring Bench Horizon Setting HS4 - HS5 - HS6

Horizon Setting and Horizon Setting Plus are the ideal instruments for the control and calibration of measuring means with fixed and variable dimensions.


Measuring bench PS15

Bench tables Sylvac  

Bench Table Sylvac PS16


Measuring Bench PS16

Bench tables Sylvac