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Height Gauge V3




Height gauge developed for the most difficult workshop environments.

Height Gauge for the Workshop


Measuring ranges 400 and 700 mm

Extremely easy to use

Electronically adjustable measuring force

Autonomy: 40 h (lithium-ion batteries)

Standard probes up to 400 mm

Vast range of accessories

All adjustments possible without tools

RS232 et USB interfaces

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The height gauge V3 have been developed for the most difficult workshop environments. Manufactured in their entirety in Switzerland, they will guarantee a robust, precise and reliable product on the long run.

For more than 40 years Trimos philosophy has been to offer easy-to-use instruments that are very efficient in production environment.

The display unit provides functions that are directly accessible and depicted with symbols easy to understand.

This allows for easy and quick handling even by unqualified personnel. The large 2-line « Black Mask » display offers an exceptional contrast in all lighting conditions, a unique characteristic on the market.

The V3 measuring column represents the entry-level of Trimos universal measuring columns. It fully benefits from the developments realized on superior models. A robust and easy-to-use instrument including all functions essential for a use in the workshop.

Technical Specification


Measuring range
mm (in)  407 (16) 711 (28)
Application range
mm (in) 508 (20)  812 (32) 
Max permissible errors, BMPE µm 7
Repeatability, RMPE (2s) µm 2 (Ø: 4) 
Frontal squareness deviation SMPE µm 10
Max. Resolutions
mm 0.001 (0.00005)
Measuring force
N 0.75 ÷ 1.5
h 40
  USB / RS232
Air cushion
kg 21 24

Note: The above values have been determined according to ISO 13225 with the standard measuring insert (TA-MI-101).


Trimos detection of min-max V3 measuring column
Easy detection of min, max points or flatness of a surface

Trimos Diameter Measurements V3 measuring column
Diameter Measurements
Simultaneous display of diameter and centerline

Trimos Long Probes V3 measuring column
Long Probes
Standard measuring inserts up to 400 mm, with excellent repeatability

Trimos height measurements V3 measuring column
Height Measurements
Height, thickness and chain of dimensions measurements

Trimos Perpendicularity Measurements V3 measuring column
Perpendicularity guaranteed on all instruments