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Height Gauges V-Line


Height Gauge TVM Trimos 

Height Gauge TVM

Very robust and mobile instrument for height measuring and tracing in production environment.

Height Gauge V3 Trimos

Height Gauge V3

The basic Trimos universal height-gauge. It concentrates all essential functions for the workshop.

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Height gauge V4 Trimos

Height Gauge V4

An easy-to-use, universal and reliable height gauge.
It is equipped with all necessary features for a high productivity level.

Height gauge V5 Trimos

Height Gauge V5

The V5 guarantees an excellent repeatability. It is equipped with a revolutionary displacement handwheel offering its user the choice of the displacement mode of the measuring carriage, either manual or motordriven.

Height gauge V6 Trimos

Height Gauge V6

The design of the V6 with its side probe holders revives an old Trimos tradition:
They enable measuring with long, robust probes guaranteeing an excellent repeatability.

Height gauge V7 Trimos

Height Gauge 2D V7

This height gauges 2D combine technological innovation and tradition. With their touch-display and lateral insert holders, the V7 rank as universal instruments for the workshop.

Height gauge V8 Trimos

Height Gauge V8

The V8 shares the features of its its predecessors: extreme precision and repeatability, high resolution, and Swiss made finish. It is equipped with specific handle for fine adjustment.

Height gauge V9 Trimos

Height Gauge 2D V9

The V9 (2D) has been developed for the most demanding users. Laboratories and workshops for whom measuring reliability is determining will fully appreciate its exceptional precision level and its "Swiss Made" finish.

hi gage one

Hi_Gage One

Hi_Gage One is a height gauge of our partner, Sylvac.

hi cal


Hi-Cal is a height gauge of our partner, Sylvac.