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3D Laser Scanner

Trimos A6 arm laser scanner

For a complex 3D inspection different Laser Scanners can be combined with the Trimos new generation 7 axes arms, the A6. The new configurations offer extremely fast and accurate data collection.

Scanner ScanSurf

The new Trimos ScanSurf is our latest solution for scanning measurements and reverse engineering. The perfect companion of your Trimos 7 axes A6 articulated arm.


Light & compact:

The ScanSurf scanner is optimized to be mounted on a Trimos Articulated Arm reducing at most the bulk and the weight on the holding axis. The result is an extremely powerful instrument in your hands and you just don't feel it!


Thanks to new software solutions for the sensors calibration, the ScanSurf scanner is the most accurate solution for scanning measurements and reverse engineering.

Scanning quality

High performance scanning proven by our partners in data acquisition software, even under not optimal environmental conditions.

A6 arm with laser scanner
A6 arm with ScanSurf 3D laser
Always ready

With the ScanSurf Scanner there's no need to apply any change from probe to scanner and vice versa. In fact, the probe is mounted on an additional autojoint connector to be always ready for tactile measurements when needed.

Large selection

The scanner is available in RED or BLUE light, with sizes from 25 to 100 mm line length at middle range. A great selection to work on any surface and covers any kind of necessity.

Trimos ScanSurf 3D laser scanner

Technical specifications

Model A6 + ScanSurf
EBi (µm)
EMPE (µm)
With 25 mm scan  MPE* (µm)
With 50 mm scan MPE* (µm)

With 100 mm scan

MPE* (µm)
37 66 104
43 69 106
52 75 110
62 82 115
79 96 125
94 108 135
- 170 172 180 197

*Values reported are expressed with 2 σ error. The values are indicative, for Blue and Red line models, and depend on surface quality and properties, surface diffusivity properties and ambient light conditions


Line length                              mm
25 / 50 / 100
Laser color         
Red line (660 nm) / Blue line (405 nm)
Renishaw Autojoint
Measuring Arm compatibility
Laser class
Max. points acquisition rate     pt/s
Max. Points per line (PPL)


Frequency        Hz

Up to 300

Resolution at mid range           µm

25 mm line: 20 µm
50 mm line: 39 µm
100 mm line: 78 µm

Precision                                µm  25 mm line: 26 µm
50 mm line: 60 µm
100 mm line: 100 µm
Protection  IP 50 
Operational Temperature         °C
+5 ÷ +40
Stockage Temperature °C
-20 ÷ +70
 Operational Humidity   % 5 without condensation
 Dimensions      mm 115 x 89 x 55
 Software compatibility PolyWorks|Inspector™ & PolyWorks|Modelor™
 CEM requirements

EN 61326-1 :20006-10
DIN EN 55011 :2007-11 (Groupe 1, classe B)
EN 61000-6-2 : 2006-03