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Accessories measuring arms

To adapt your measuring arm to your application and so obtain accurate measurements a complete range of accessories are at your disposal. You can choose between different Probes, 3D scanners, Software, Tripods and other magnetic bases. 
Hard Probe

The mechanical probe is the standard touch probe, available with different sphere diameter. Points can be taken touching the part and pushing the button on board the probe body. The smallest usable probe diameter is 1mm to guarantee the point accuracy, the maximum length suggested is 100mm.

Palpeur rigide
Palpeur a declanchement
Touch Trigger Probe

The touch trigger probe acquire points applying the minimum force on the measured part. Is a very precise, quick and comfortable in use, acquires points only touching the surface, without triggering buttons. 

Floating Probe

It is a rigid mechanical probe suspended on a spring driven by an aluminum ring that triggers the probe with a simple touch. The integrated force control avoids to apply uncontrolled load on the part, improving accuracy and repeatability. The control ring is isolated from the probe stylus to avoid thermal impact from the hands of the user.

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Laser scanner measuring arm Trimos

Laser Scanner
For a complex-profile contour scanning different Laser Scanners can be combined with our A6 7 axes arms.

Magnetic Base

This magnetic base will allow your machine to produce the highest quality precision. Only a minimum effort will need to install it with your machine.

Base magnetique
Mobil tripod for A-Line arm
Mobile Tripods
Stable and practical, it is the ideal accessory to move easily and quickly all A-line arms. Due to its heavy construction, it will be the ideal accessory to warranty the best stability and the best accuracy of your arm.
Mobile Tripods

It will be your most flexible partner. If you need to change the building, put in on a table or climb some stairs, its light weight dedicates it to that.

Portable tripods for A-Line arm

Laser fork for Trimos arm
Laser Fork

The laser fork is the perfect equipment for quick and accurate inspection of pipes without direct contact. Pipes from 2 mm to 180 mm of diameter can be measured with our 30, 50-, 80-, 150- and 200-mm forks.


Additional batteries are available to increase the autonomy of your arm with 8 hours. You gain flexibility, you will not have to care about moving your arm near a power supply.

Battery for Trimos measuring arm