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Portable CMM CNC - C-Line 

Trimos CMM C4


The world’s first truly portable CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines designed for the workshop

CMM - Coordinate Measuring Machine

Model: C4


Portable for the maximum of flexibility

3 or 4 axes models

High precision using Renishaw TP20 probe

Small foot print

Fully CNC combined with manual operation

Ease of use with Aberlink software

3D complement to the height gage 1D/2D

Designed for workshop operation

Ethernet or wireless communication

Extremely easy to use

Trimos new C-Line is the world’s first truly portable CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines designed for the workshop. This product line is part of the new TRIMOS 3D product group.

Portable: At only 13,5 kg, the CNC C-Line goes with you wherever you need it. No longer are you required to take the part to the CMM, the C-Line can be deployed directly in the manufacturing process.

Easy-to-Use: The C-Line is easy to operate using a portable PC. The concept of this product has been thought for optimal user experience and ease-of-use.

: The C-Line is delivered standard with the ControlC software, which allows you to perform many type of measurements: distance, circle, plane, line, point… To take full advantage of the performance of the C4, we advise the optional Aberlink software, 3D software offering the advantage of ease of use. Other measurement software are compatible: PolyWorks, CMM Manager, Verisurf etc.

Models: The C3, entry model of our new portable CMMs, has 3 axes motorized (X, C, Z). It allows basic 3D measurements. This model is not yet marketed. The C4 is the premium model of our new portable CNC CMMs. It has 4 axes motorized. (X, C, Z, P). The C4 allows high performance measurements in 3D.


Trimos C4 4 axes
Dimensions and Working volume
C-Line Dimensions

Technical specifications


Working volume
X and Y Ø 720, Z 250
µm 8.0
Fixturing accuracy requirement
mm 5
Machine speed
mm/s User controlled to 150
Machine air requirement

None required

Stainless steel for all structural components
Machine power requirements

100-240 V AC±10%, 50-60Hz
Normal: 4 /peak: 3
Power consumption
Normal: 10 / Peak 15 
Manual motion control

User controlled by hand movement of probe
Controller %

Onboard PCB provides motion control, error mapping, 
I++ interface and ControlC metrology software

Probe Type    Renishaw TP20 probe 
Machine weight  kg (lbs)  13.5 (30) 
Machine dimensions (W x D x H)  mm
420 x 172 x 620 
Operational Temperature  °C  +10 ÷ +40 
Storage Temperature  °C  +10 ÷ +40 

Applications and Functionalities

Trimos C-Line Application03
Trimos C-Line Application02
Trimos C-Line Application03
Trimos C-Line Application04