Trimos worldwide

Thanks to our international network, Trimos' instruments and specialists are available globally to solve your measuring problems in the fields of quality control, calibration, or surface analysis. We can offer a large number of services, from technical advice and support, training and after-sales service.


Trimos Sylvac France


Trimos Sylvac France

Trimos Sylvac France is a dimensional metrology supplier operating throughout France. With more than 50 years’ experience Trimos Sylvac Metrology is proud to have the most complete range on the French market. The company’s role is to support all companies with dimensional metrology needs, including analysis of metrological projects, sales of measuring instruments and associated services. All metrology products of the company have a minimum 2-year manufacturer's warranty.






founded in 1986, is considered as a leader in the field of dimensional metrology and testing. We offer a complete range of precision measuring instruments, renowned for their high precision and reliability.

Dantsin provides measuring instruments dedicated to the improvement of the quality control of your business.

Our main products are: height gauges, length measuring instruments, setting instruments, digital calipers and micrometers, profile projectors, rotary tables, hardness testers surface roughness gauges, levels, inclinometers, circular/ cylindricity form gauging systems, shaft measuring systems, cylinder bores measuring systems, etc.

Main domains : aerospace, aviation, electronics, and machine manufacturing industries.
Customers range from industrial companies to science academies and metrology institutions.

Dantsin can offer technical counsel, and provides training and after-sales service.


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Dantsin Swiss company & Xiangyang metering exchange
Dantsin Swiss company & Yangtze River Delta detection metering meeting
The new height gauges
Non-contact mesurement

許多著名的精密測量儀器的歐洲代理,全身心地投入到改善業務質量控制。主要產品有:垂直測量儀,測長和文書,數顯卡尺,直徑測量千分尺,投影儀,迴轉工作台,硬度儀,表面粗糙度測量儀,水平測斜儀,圓/圓柱形式的計量系統,軸測量系統,缸孔測量系統等,所有這些產品在航天,航空使用,模具,電子,機械製造等行業。客戶範圍的工廠,科學院,為計量單位。 Danstin還提供技術諮詢,培訓和售後服務。

Beiging                                                Suzhou
Trimos Dantsin          Trimos Dantsin Agent 



Studenroth Präzisionstechnik GmbH

Studenroth Präzisionstechnik GmbH is your right contact for precise and innovative measurement technology. Since 1984, we have been specialized in a comprehensive service in the area of measurement technology, with technical innovation and targeted quality thinking. In line with our high quality awareness and our passion for precise measurement technology, we rely on strong measuring equipment partners who share these values and - just like us - are characterized by high reliability and innovative spirit. This is also the result of our excellent partnership with Trimos. We provide everything around measurement technology - from specialist advice to authorized customer service up to an accredited calibration laboratory certified according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

Solman HU



Solman Hungary is SOLutions for MANufacturing

Solman Hungary Ltd. has given complex service package to their manufacturing companies from Quality management till Metrology. We always have chosen only the best partners on their market for excellent collaboration to provide high class service to our Clients therefore we decided to work together only with Trimos Company and represent their professional products.

Solman Hungary Ltd. is a flexible (fast making decision and reaction to changes) and well-organised company. Members of the top management were operation -and quality directors at multinational manufacturing companies for more than 15 years earlier. They learned that how build good organization, how ensure the necessary resources and how apply the effectiveness oriented approach on all organization level.

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LOTRIČ Metrology

The LOTRIČ Metrology group is a leading provider of metrology solutions – calibrations, testing of products and materials, conformity assessment with verifications and certifications. We develop customer-tailored solutions that helps establish or automate over product quality control, environmental parameters and production processes.
Our dedicated team of more than 170 experts in the field of metrology are employed in nine companies in seven countries.



Takumi Precision

The company business nature is to provide solution for precision measuring instruments and tools, as well as material testing equipment to manufacturing industries. It offers full range of services, from proposing the right solution, suppy/installation, application support and maintenance of the hardware and software.




For more than seven decades we have been serving the manufacturing industry and are renowned as the competent and reliable partner for precision technology.

The outstanding excellence of the offered products in combination with our highly qualified service team make us the ideal partner for companies that value highest quality standards.

The pillars of our corporate philosophy are to always offer the right product program, to prove innovative strength, to cultivate partnerships and to be available on site at any time.

Foremost, the central focus of our actions is always on you as the customer. Therefore, it is our primary goal to work for and with you every day with all our capabilities, so we can be successful together!


South Korea


MeasureM is a Measuring Specialized Company in South Korea.

We offer endless solutions to improve the quality of products produced by the customer.

Many customers from automobile, mold, electronics, aerospace, heavy industry etc. receives our solutions. From the 20 years of experience in the field of metrology, we are approaching customers in an organized, organic, and professional way in the large market of Korea. This knowhow and our core values trust and respect, which MeasureM and Trimos share, is the foundation that the customers chooses us.

We are confident that MeasureM will be the best partner for you.

Trimos AMK Toolprom



AMK TOOLPROM GROUP is specialized in the distribution of premium measuring instruments and Tools in the Republic of Belarus. Our experienced team is trained to tailor specific metrological solutions for its customer's applications. AMK TOOLPROM GROUP is proud to be the official representative of Swiss company Trimos in Belarus.


United Kindom

Bowers Group

supplies industry with an unrivalled choice of high quality precision measuring equipment, bespoke system design and laboratory-based UKAS calibration services.  As sole UK agent, Bowers can exclusively offer its customers the full range of Trimos height gaugeshorizontal measuring instruments and surface analysis instruments, along with the superior levels of technical support and aftersales service that Bowers Group customers have come to expect.


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has been supplying precision measuring instruments and calibration equipments since 1995.
The commercial structure of MICROTECH include manufacturing department of computerized and custom instrument, multibrand sales department and metrological lab (accredited ISO 17025)
MICROTECH distribute high level brand in Ukrainian market:  Sylvac, Trimos, FMS-Steinmeyer, Aberlink, Baty, Kafer, etc. We provide warranty, post-warranty service, calibration and training fro customers.


BRW-Trimos Metrology




Certified Nano TR Scan

As an international trading company, Brütsch/Rüegger Tools Ltd. offers a full range of quality tools, from measuring, production and assembly technologies to standard parts and occupational safety. As the market leader in Switzerland, we supply the Western and Eastern European, American and Asian markets directly. German and Hungarian markets are supplied via our subsidiaries.

Our integral and comprehensive portfolio of services guarantees our customers a cost effective procurement process to suit their individual needs, ranging from ordering and delivery to invoicing. For special solutions regarding specific problems, our engineers, application specialists and technical experts are available for advice.

Flexibility, dynamism, performance orientation, precision and innovation abilities, together with customer orientation, maximum product availability and above average product and service quality, form the cornerstone of the brand Brütsch/RüeggerTools.

Metrology products



Logystem SA

Active for more than 25 years in the industry, Logystem provides global solutions and added value in the implementation of an efficient quality control. Logystem SA is SCS No 132 accredited according to ISO /IEC 17025 and offers with other partners a full calibration service in the measurement technology.
Take advantage of our experience and our network of partners to carry out your projects.




Fowler High Precision

is globally recognized as one of today's leading suppliers of high quality inspection, leveling, control and calibration equipment. Since 1946, we have been dedicated to supplying the most innovative products available anywhere in the world. Fowler’s long-standing affiliations with other industry leaders such as Wyler, Sylvac, Bowers and Trimos have helped us remain dynamic, responsive and at the forefront of our industry’s ever-changing demands. With a strong commitment to innovative products and smart customer-focused people Fowler High Precision is well positioned for continued strong growth for the next 65 years.




Hi-Tech Metrology

is Australia's largest specialist supplier of metrology equipment and related services. With its staff of highly skilled individuals offering a combined total of well over 250 years experience in the metrology industry Hi-Tech Metrology is able to help customers achieve the best possible outcomes with their measurement needs through the supply of world class equipment, training, customisation, advice and support. With such a wide variety of measurement and reverse engineering equipment being available to suit such a diverse range of industries and applications from precision measurement of bionic ear implants to scanning of massive mining components, Hi-Tech Metrology continues to develop innovative and cost effective solutions to many of the metrology challenges faced by companies today.




is a manufacturer of precision measuring instruments providing products of unique precision technology, contributing to the development of industry and economy since 1944.
Since 2014, Issoku can offer its customers the full range of Trimos height gauges, horizontal measuring instruments and surface analysis instruments. 
Issoku's large range of products includes gauges, air-micrometers, measuring instruments and precision machine parts, controlled in 4 calibration laboratories at a constant temperature of 20°C and 50% humidity.
Alongwith products, high-quality technical support, aftersales service and calibration are offered.

Issoku Centre   Measuring Issoku 

Czech Republic


is a supplier of precision measurement technology for engineering. It is a small family company with a long tradition of trade with measuring equipment. Metrology's suppliers are renowned producers of high-quality instruments.

Andes Meettechniek


Andes Meettechniek BV

Andes Meettechniek BV is a specialist in Swiss Metrology. It is a small family company that offers high-end equipment for dimensional inspection, calibration and inclination measurements.




Since 1996 a company named Max Value Technology was established for trading of Metrology, Material Testing  &  Inspection  Products , and  which are usually used in production line and laboratory.

As the long-term experience which has been involved to Industrial Group and the idea of continuous improvement has never been stop.

MaxValue is very proactive and well-experienced in industrial measuring instruments and calibration service with good communication skill in Thai and English. MaxValue is pleasure to present the instruments and demonstrate the way to use them which increasing work productivity due to all products have warranty.




has been delivering professional measuring and cutting tools since 1989. The company is also dedicated to providing complex up-to-date metrological systems solutions.

Oberon deliver instruments of the highest quality from the leading manufacturers, like Trimos, Sylvac, Bowers, Käfer, Schwenk, Noga, Dolfamex, to mention some.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the field of metrology along with highly qualified staff Oberon can deliver advanced technical support of product selection, training on use, warranty and post-warranty service, calibrations.

The company operates on the basis of established quality management system ISO 9001.




has focused its activities on Metrology since 2001, giving a 360° support to customers and partners.
You will find a competent team following each region of Italy, not only for technical and commercial advice on new instruments and accessories but also for support and after sales services.



HTS Verktoy

represents some of the most profiled producers in the world on measuring and calibration instruments.

HTS Verktoy has the most comprehensive range of standard measuring and control instruments in Norway and works together with suppliers experts to provide special and customized solutions.



Grupo Gemelo

is a group of companies providing integral solutions to the needs of the industrial markets, with a wide variety of products and services.

The integral service offered by Grupo Gemelo is one of the most competitive on the market, with excellent prices and delivery times, and personal attention from commercial executives.

The commercial structure of Grupo Gemelo includes four sales managers, twenty-seven commercial executives, seven commercial telemarketing executives, electronic media coordinator and four technicians specialized in cutting and measuring tools. 

Grupo Gemelo provides measuring and testing instruments, calibration service, maintenance and repairs.



Eclipse Tools North America

has been serving industry in North America for over 20 years. We are part of the world renowned Spear & Jackson Group, a worldwide organization with over 250 years of heritage and commercial experience. We pride ourselves on delivering world class brands to our customer base, we are the master distribution and support function for Eclipse Magnetics and Eclipse Metrology which includes Bowers, Baty International, Moore and Wright,  Sylvac SA and Trimos SA. We offer sales and service support to our customers across Canada.



PT. Yakin Maju Sentosa

is a leading industrial distribution company in Indonesia that provides engineering solutions to a substantial client base in the automotive, aerospace, marine and general production industries. Since 1975, Yakin Maju has been driving productivity and efficiency by providing solutions in precision manufacturing processes. Our diverse portfolio of products comprises cutting tools, machinery, machine tool accessories and high-technology metrology equipment. Yakin Maju's products and services cater to both large enterprises and small workshops.

With 5 major branches in Jakarta, Cikarang, Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya, we are able to provide customers with technical advice, troubleshooting and repair services, timely delivery, and on-site visits to understand particular needs and challenges. PT. Yakin Maju Sentosa prides itself on having deep and long lasting relationships with its customers and suppliers.




is specialist since 1928 in Lab equipment for the industry in Belgium and Luxembourg.

In 2006 we started the Metrology department with dedicated people who has more than 25 years’ experience in the field of dimensional measuring instruments.

This team is supporting our customers with service aftersales, seminars and applications so we can offer a total solution.



WT Precision Equipment

Established in 2010 as a market leader in Singapore offering precision metrology instruments and services, WTP strongly believes in providing customers with reliable and quality products, excellent support services with a wide range of measurement solutions and tooling accessories. 

WTP focuses on high quality precision measuring solutions offering you ultra-high  precision, robust and quality instruments designed for the most extreme workshop conditions.

Our Team of Technical Specialists are able to provide consultancy, advice and support for your immediate needs in precision engineering.
Quality and Service are our commitment to our customers.



KmK Instrument

KmK Instrument represents Trimos in Sweden. We are located in Vaesteras, approx. 100 km north-west of Stockholm, with a new office including a demo-center. Service, support and calibrations are made local by our experienced and skilled metrology technicians. We provide high-quality instruments, equipment's and service within the area of Metrology, Non-destructive testing and Materials testing. The company was established in 1994 and we are today accredited according to the International standard ISO/IEC 17025. Visit the webpage for more details.

Trimos India- Trimaster Metrology


Trimaster Metrology - Trimos India

In one of the largest markets in the world, Trimos operates under the banner of Trimos India, a joint venture between Trimos SA and Trimaster Metrology. The Indian operations are run by CEO Mr. Natarajan Iyer, a 35-year veteran of the metrology field, with rich experience across the length and breadth of India. Trimos India is located in Pune, and has branch offices and service engineers in a total of 10 cities around India. In addition, Trimos India also manages a sub-distributor in the Middle East.

Trimos India has developed a team that is capable of servicing the Trimos range of products through their complete life cycle. The team was instrumental in bringing the concept of ‘value-priced’ Annual Maintenance Contracts to the Indian metrology market. The team manages over 300 active AMCs across India, and has serviced Trimos equipment and kept them active for over 15-20 years in many cases. This is a testament to both the product design, and the know-how of the local team.

We at Trimos India pride ourselves in keeping the Customer’s interest first and foremost, and also representing and upholding the Trimos Brand with a great sense of pride. We have served over 2500 customers over our lifetime, and look forward to making many more happy. Whether you are in Auto/Auto ancillary, Aerospace, Pharma/Medical, Electrical/Electronics manufacturing, Government & Defense, or Education, we have the experience and understanding of your domain to offer you the right solution that will deliver RoI for years to come.



Metrologia e Ingenieria Avanzada S.A

With more than 20 years in the field of metrology, MIASA has been consolidate itself as a reliable supplier for the Mexican industry; Offering the best brands in the market with competitive prices and reliable deliveries. A workshop area for preventive and corrective maintenance, accredited laboratory 17025 of several magnitudes, Measuring service with a wide scope, personal attention to every one of our customers, Added values ​​to the sale, as well as professional advice for the selection of the measurement equipment you would need according to the application. Are what has become MIASA into the choice # 1 for many final metrology users in Mexico.


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