Trimos height Gauge V7

Height Gauges

TRIMOS’ height-gauges allow the dimentional measuring of all kinds of parts. They were developed with a vision for extreme conditions. More than 40 years of experience combine technological innovation and ergonomic design. Their robustness, durability and simplicity of use make them the ideal tools for daily use in the workshop.


V3 New 

Portable CMM

Trimos C-Line is the world’s first truly portable Coordinate Measuring Machines designed for the workshop. This product line is part of the new TRIMOS 3D product group.

Trimos horizontal measuring instrument

Trimos horizontal measuring bench

Trimos surface measuring instrument

Measuring Arm A4

Portable Measuring Arms

Trimos A-line portable articulated measuring arms allow an extremely easy and accurate 3D measurement. Thanks to an extremely stable carbon structure, all models are light and easy to operate.  The A-line is ideal for quality control, inspection, or verification of small and large size parts.


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