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Vertical Patching

Case study

High precision milling part.

Diameter 20 mm total height 12 mm.

Embedded beam with micrometer marking achieve with a ball drill.

Purpose: To measure the height markings, The figure or number represents the step height in microns


The measurement was made with a CCMP-1 line sensor Range 1 mm

The height of 12 mm and larger than the Range measurement CCMP-1 sensor, but with technology "Vertical Patching"

It is possible to expand the range measurement of the sensor


The TRIMOS Nanoware-Measurement software automatically performs the measurement without human action, it provides great flexibility and ease of use.

All the measurement information are transferred to the program  Trimos Nanoware-analyse

This operator allows you to extract a transversal profile directly in 3D

The resulting profile shows the evolution of the heights of the same point throughout the series.


Profile extraction has a specific position number 9


Step height measurement


Step height measurement


Profile extraction has a specific position number 8

Conclusion :

TRSCAN is able to measure out of the range of the sensor, because excellent mechanical stability and a powerful axis management.