About Trimos

In an industrial world where quality control becomes more and more important, Trimos is proud to be able to offer a large range of solutions responding to dimensional measurement needs. Each instrument has its specific application and definitely solves all required tasks. Our products combine high precision, innovation, advanced design and ease of use.

Since 1972, Trimos has managed to position itself as the leader in its fields of activity and guarantees a “Swiss Made” manufacturing quality level. Trimos is focused on 3 segments in the dimensional metrology field:

  • Height gauges
  • Horizontal measuring instruments
  • 3D instruments: Portable CNC CMM & Measuring arms
  • Surface analysis instruments

We offer «turnkey» solutions based on the following modular items:

  • Instruments
  • Large range of accessories
  • Hardware
  • Software and driver programs

Trimos distributes its products in more than 40 countries through a network of agents. With their help, we can offer a large number of services as qualified technical support for selling new instruments, perfect after-sales services and technical training.

If quality is your objective, Trimos is your partner.


Quality has always been Trimos’ main concern. Our company, certified ISO9001 for several years, aims to offer its customers blue chip products and services.

All instruments are developed and produced in our workshops by highly qualified professionals. Therefore, the quality of our products is thoroughly mastered.

By choosing a Trimos instrument, you will benefit of almost 40 years of experience in the metrology field. Hence your certainty to acquire a top-of-the-range instrument bearing the “Swiss Made” label.
ISO 9001 certificate

Certificate ISO


In parallel with the sales of instruments, Trimos and its agents offer a wide range of services allowing the most profitable exploitation of its products:

  • Technical support
  • Training (at Trimos or on site)
  • After-sales service
  • Repair of instruments
  • Upgrade of old instruments
  • Calibration
  • Customized instruments and accessories
  • Software and drivers
  • Maintenance contract

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