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The C4 works with different softwares, like:

Aberlink, CMM Manager, Verisurf, PolyWorks…

The instrument is delivered standard with the ControlCAT software, which allows you to perform many type of measurements: distance, circle, plane, line, point… and with automatic recognition of shapes, cone, cylinder, sphere.

C-Line software
C4 software 04
C4 software 02
C4 software 03

To take full benefit of the performance of the C-Line, we recommend to use the Aberlink software (optional).

Aberlink 3D Measurement Software

It corresponds to the software used with the TRIMOS 3D product family. Aberlink's philosophy is to facilitate measurements. The Aberlink 3D software was written to set the industry standard for easy-to-use software.

Designed around a graphical interface, Aberlink 3D can work in 2D or 3D, on manual or CNC CMMs and is equally at home when used with either touch, scanning or vision systems.