Nano World

In order to allow Trimos to focus its efforts on the very high precision segment, a new workgroup named "NANO World" has been  formed. Its mission will be to offer unique solutions in terms of precision in the fields of calibration of measuring systems (LABC-Nano) and of contactless surface measuring (TR Scan).


"Nano World" Global Presence

Our certified "NANO World" team is present worldwide. If you wish to equip your metrology laboratory with the best dimensional measuring solutions available, then our Labconcept Nano and TR Scan instruments will meet your needs. Our specialists will be happily available for a personalized demonstration.


Customers Examples

Trimos Labconcept Nano  Trimos Labconcent Nano  Trimos Labconcept Nano

Delphi is global a leader in the field of technologies for the car industry. In order to make cars smarter, safer and more efficient, an extreme precision must be provided. Trimos has been contacted to equip Delphi's metrology laboratory with an instrument responding to those high precision requirements : the LabConcept Nano.

Contact Client

François PILLON

Resp. Métrologie Opérationnelle
9 Bd de l’Industrie
41042 Blois Cedex
+33 2 54 55 41 23

Trimos Labconcept Nano chez Mercedes Benz   Trimos-Mercedes Benz  

Mercedes Benz    Beijing Benz Automotive Co. is a car manufacturer based in Beijing, China. Beijing Benz assembles and produces several Mercedes-Benz models. The LabConcept Nano has been chosen amid all competitors to equip their new laboratory.

Contact Client

Luo Haoming 罗浩铭

Resp. Métrologie Opérationnelle
Beijing Benz Automotive Co.,Ltd
Engine of Quality team

NO. 1 Rongxing North Second Street,
Beijing Yizhuang Economic Technological Development Area (BDA),  100176.


Labconcept Nano and TR Scan

Trimos Labconcept Nano
Trimos TR Scan Premium


Av de Longemalle 5
CH-1020 Renens

T. +41 21 633 01 01
F. +41 21 633 01 02