THV horizontal measuring instrument trimos

The horizontal THV instrument has been designed for calibration and certification of gauging equipment of small dimension.

It allows easy and precise checking of plug gauges, ring gauges, thread plug gauges, test and dial indicators as well as measuring of high precision production parts.

The incorporated opto-electronic measuring system guarantees high accuracy. A separate display unit or a PC with Trimos WinDHI software can be used to display the measurement results.

The THV instruments can also be delivered without measuring system. An electronic probe or a dial indicator shall then be used as measuring system.

Due to its small size, The THV can be moved easily. It is therefore frequently used as mobile calibration station.

  • Ideal for use in a clean room and in the workshop area
  • The instrument meets the requirements of all ISO 9000
  • Very simple manipulation
  • Large range of accessories
  • Checking of external and internal dimensions
  • According to the application, can be sed in horizontal or inclined up to 90°

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Technical specifications

Absolute measuring range
mm (in)
50 (2)
Application range (external measurements)
mm (in)
100 (4)
Application range (internal measurements)
mm (in)
100 (4)
Max. permissible errors
µm 0.2 + L(mm)/250
Repeatability (2s)
µm 0.1
Resolutions (depending on display unit)
mm (in)
0.1 ÷ 0.00001 (.0001 ÷ .0000001)
Measuring force (adjustable)
N 0 ÷ 4
Operational temperature
°C +10 ÷ +40
Temperature of storage
°C -10 ÷ +40
weight kg 22


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